Film Set Security Services - Cardiff

At Titanserv we have staff ready to deploy all over South Wales. Cardiff being the capital of Wales makes it a popular destination for film producers due to the transport links that supply the area and the historic value of the area. Many films and productions have been filmed here and still continue to be.

We are able to supply numerous security staff to Cardiff to enhance the safety of your production. Filming in the days and need night security to take care of the equipment? we can do that too

The British film industry is a unique business which comes with its own set of security challenges.
How do you keep your equipment, performers and locations safe?
How do you keep your production and its secrets away from prying eyes, so no-one can spoil it before it premieres?

How do you balance the need to keep things safe and secure while sticking to a tight production schedule?
It can be a logistical nightmare with no easy answers. You need a security provider that guarantees professionalism and discretion, and that’s where TitanServ can help.

Film Set Camera Operatives

Film set security from TitanServ

At TitanServ, we have vast experience of film and TV security. We’ve worked on a wide range of TV and film sets, from iconic shows featuring stars in flash cars to multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters set in a galaxy far, far away.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard expensive equipment or assets, provide close protection to the on-screen talent, keep filming locations secure or control crowds of fans and onlookers, we can help keep your production running like clockwork.

From security guards to monitor and protect expensive equipment or vehicles, to crowd management, we can help. We can even keep an eye out for any unwanted attention from paparazzi or social media gossipers looking to get a quick scoop.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique film set security requirements, before developing and delivering a static security solution that’s right for you. 

Our film set security operatives offer much more than just a visual presence. They are trained to perform a wide variety of roles to protect your film set and assets, including:

  • Protecting your cast, crew and equipment
  • Securing locations
  • Crowd management and access control
  • Close protection and VIP security
  • Traffic management
  • Risk assessment and health & safety
  • Mobile set patrols
  • Static gatehouse/front desk security
  • Ad-hoc security solutions

All the security guards we deploy are committed to maintaining the highest levels of discretion and customer service to help your production run smoothly and maintain its integrity and confidentiality.

Behind the scenes making of movie and TV commercial. Camera of movie and video production. Film Crew. B-roll, and crew team in outdoor nature background.

Benefits of using film set security from TitanServ

At TitanServ, we understand that security is about more than just protecting your people, your property and your assets, it’s about protecting your reputation too. That’s why all the security guards we supply are highly trained and experienced and work to the highest standards in the industry so that when they are deployed to your film set, they can be both discreet and effective.

We’re a family business with a nationwide network, which means we can cover any production, big or small, and still provide the same level of personal customer service our clients have come to expect. From the outset, we’ll work closely with you to understand your security needs, before developing a solution that’s right for you. For all the film set work we undertake, our directors are on-hand 24/7 to ensure that any issues or problems are resolved quickly and effectively, without interrupting or disrupting your production schedule.

We use the latest technology, including our own purpose-built software system, to ensure our team are carrying out the tasks you are paying for and provide 100% accountability and transparency to all our clients. When it comes to film set work, we understand the importance of confidentiality, integrity and discretion. You can rest assured that when you work with TitanServ, we will help preserve and maintain all three, so you can get on with creating the best screen production possible. To find out more about our film set security services, fill out the form below, give us a call on 01792 720955, or email